A little bit about me.

I grew up in Albany, NY. After graduating high school, I to San Francisco to pursue a bachelors degree in Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. I love to travel, code, and try new things. I know some great resturants here in SF! I learned how to code in Swift, when it came out in 2014. It's still one of my favorite

I grew up playing the violin and piano. I view each app like a song: an experience from the beginning to the end of each interaction. If the song doesn't flow, I go back and edit the experience. This theology is the heart that drives the way I design my creations.

These usually work better with a fun fact, so here goes: I am legally licensed to drive a car, a boat, and fly a plane, but Hertz still wants $35 extra per day from me to rent a Chevy Spark!